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Case Studies

Explore some of our success stories that showcase the tangible impact of our solutions across diverse brands and industries.


KFC: #KFC Turns 50 

GOLD Winner at the MMA Smarties Awards 2023

The challenge encouraged participants to celebrate with KFC by dancing to the official birthday anthem, while using the TikTok 3D Branded Effect #KFCTurns50. Results where tasty with a 16% lift in brand performance and 21% lift in product purchase intent. 


Garnier: 3 in 1


Leveraging the power of TikTok creators helped the brand achieve its initial objectives of awareness and consideration, increasing total product awareness for the Garnier Pure Active 3in1 range by 37%, and increasing its purchase intent by 40%.


Britbox: Rich Media

Rich Media

The campaign absolutely smashed global benchmarks, the campaign delivered a total of 1 000 079 impressions, driving 11 376 unique users to Britbox achieving a CTR of 1.14%. The desktop video wallpaper achieved a 66% view through rate with users spending an average of  a whopping 22 sec dwell time on unit.


Tinkies: Mobile In-Game

SILVER Winner at the MMA Smarties Awards 2023

Tinkies wanted to promote their #timefortinkies campaign in South Africa in an exciting way that would engage consumers during the festive season and reach them in the environments that they were spending their time in.

CTT .png

Cape Town Tourism

BRONZE Winner at the MMA Smarties Awards 2023

To kick-start its campaign, Cape Town Tourism used TikTok’s Branded Effect to translate its #FindYourFreedom game, into the TikTok space. There was a total of 416 unique video creators garnering a total of +3.7M total UG content video views, and the popular branded effect saw a total 7.4M total impressions.


Neutrogena Skincare 


Wanting to win over the South African Gen-Z audience, Neutrogena ® used science-backed insight to debunk skincare myths and to boost brand love and purchase intent through TikTok. As a results Neutrogena saw a 44% lift in brand love, 43% life inperformance and 37% lift in product purchase intent. 


Hyundai Atos


The campaign was a resounding success on the platform with the TopView Ads enabling Hyundai a sustained presence on the platform and within one day reaching 5.1.M impressions and 2.87M video views.

The campaign enhanced brand perceptions and 16% stronger associations of being a budget-friendly car.


Hunters Red Apple

Bookmark Awards Finalist

Hunters needed to bring their new variant, Hunters Red Apple, to life among women. The brand exposure on page was an average attention of 13 sec reaching 180,783 unique users resulting in 7,512 users being driven to site.

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