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Hyundai Atos

How Hyundai taps into people’s passion for creation
and community expression on TikTok and see a 13% lift in Brand Love.


Hyundai’s campaign objective was to drive awareness and increase brand love and user participation for their all-new 2022 Atos.


TikTok is a platform that celebrates selfexpression and invite everybody to come

get creative and share their “reality” with others. The HTC encouraged participation in Hyundai Atos Got Bars campaign.


The challenge invited the audience to taps into their passion for creation and expression with a dance, rap or song making use of the phrase “It’s Our Turn” while including the audio created by local South African music producer Thozi.


The campaign was a resounding success on the platform with the TopView Ads enabling Hyundai a sustained presence on the platform and within one day reaching 5.1.M impressions and 2.87M video views.

The campaign enhanced brand perceptions and 16% stronger associations of being a budget friendly car.


The winners were to be decided by the users on TikTok via the comments section and the second TopView redirected people back to the HTC page, further increasing video views and engagements once again.


Lift in Total Awareness


Lift in Brand Love


Lift in Brand Trust

Data provided by Ipsos | Brand Lift for TikTok
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