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VodaPay Unlocks Efficiency

How VodaPay App Leveraged CPA for Mobile Growth with strategic partnership with Adwake and 365 Digital.

About the Client

VodaPay is a simple, safe and secure app designed to help you control your money. Use your in-app wallet or one of your registered cards to send money* to (or receive it from) friends & family, pay for what you need, scan-to-pay in shops, and much more, with an easy overview of your transaction history and statements available at a tap.


Vodapay, partnered with 365 Digital and Adwake with the objective of developing a user acquisition campaign focused on driving installs and in-App purchases on mobile.


The challenge also relied on generating an excellent dynamic between teams to address the responsibilities of overseeing numerous channels, resolving discrepancies, and reaching the established KPIs.


We placed cutting-edge technology and quality service at the heart of our approach to effectively find, connect, and engage with Vodapay's ideal customer.


The main pillars of the strategy proposed to the client were based on the following:

Management of client’s partnerships: This involved multiple working sessions to facilitate seamless communication between Vodacom and 365 Digital. The strategic focus encompassed performance improvement and optimization of KPIs.

Development of CPI and CPA campaigns: Performance campaigns were executed and finely tuned to drive both app installations, registrations and mobile prepaid successes.


Implementation of the best mix of formats: To captivate the audience and encourage installs and registrations, a diverse array of banners were employed..


Monitoring of user behaviour and mitigation of suspicious traffic: Adwake’s global, expert, and well-trained team remained vigilant, taking immediate action to identify and optimise any suspicious activity, resulting in an efficient preservation of Vodapay’s valuable resources and time.

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The mobile app campaign proved to be a massive success, generating a staggering R560k in revenue over just 3 months through in-app purchases within Mobile Prepaid.

This translates to a phenomenal 112% return on ad spend, showcasing the campaign's exceptional ability to not only engage users but also convert them into paying customers.


But the impact goes far beyond the bottom line. The lift in-app purchases represent 50,503 transactions, a mere drop in the bucket compared to the massive wave of brand love unleashed.

50 503

Lift in In-App





Revenue Generated

in 3 months

Our Clients

Success Stories

Vodacom partnering with 365 Digital on our Summer Campaign for FY24 was chosen due to 365 support and

functionality through our MMP platform Adjust. Aligning with

365 was a tactical approach knowing that optimisation and attribution would be transparent and a way to increase our revenue numbers.

The app offering afforded our team robust features and seamless integration capabilities. With 365 App Services, the Vodacom campaign was able to reach a wider audience and deliver a memorable customer experience that ultimately led to increased engagement and an increase in revenue.

ROAS resulted in 112% which allowed for this platform's contribution to exceed our expectations.

Stacy Linden 

Senior Programatic and Digital Strategist Specialist 

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