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Growth at Scale with Smadex

Your solution for user acquisition retargeting and branding campaigns.
An Award Winning Transparent DSP Engineered for Growth. 
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Why Smadex

Smadex is a fully transparent platform built
with top technology, countless programmatic management features and powerful machine learning algorithms to help advertisers grow
their business at scale.


& Branding  

Smadex is our Mobile Growth Platform that powers performance, direct response and brand advertising campaigns across in-app, mobile web, audio and CTV.

With transparency and contextual targeting at its core, customers can rely on Smadex as a trusted partner
to run privacy-centric advertising campaigns with optimised creative strategies to deliver performance.


User Acquisition 

Find, attract and engage high quality users.
Our proprietary machine learning algorithms transform
your data into intelligent and sustainable growth.
We find the users you need to reach your KPIs.

Target users that already have engaged with you and
encourage them to come back. Boost retention and increase
LTV leveraging our data-led programmatic platform to focus
on the right users and measure your incrementally.

Capture the interest of your target audience with highly
effective ads, generate leads and drive sales.
Create awareness of your product and generate
sales opportunities.

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Connected TV

Reimagine TV Ads with Connected TV.

CTV advertising is exponentially growing as an opportunity to engage customers combining the
perks of online advertising with the reach of TV.

Advertisers have more control over who is viewing
your ads than with linear TV. Additional benefits include the ability for users to access CTV content at any time and from different devices. Precise, contextual audience segmentation and the ability to track and measure campaign performance.

Start your CTV campaign today.

Powerful Partnerships

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Discover what Smadex can do for your business.

User Acquisition & Retargeting Campaigns

Combine strategies to acquire users, reduce churn and maximise ROAS

User Acquisition Campaigns

Increase your app’s discoverability, generate more installs and grow your business.



Stay top of mind and give your users a reason to come back.

Direct Response Campaigns

Reach your conversion goals with targeted direct response campaigns.


Branding campaigns to tell your story

Awareness Campaigns

Improve your brand recognition among your audience with targeted awareness campaigns.

Brandformance Campaigns

Reach your CPA goals targeting a specific audience with brand safety.

Our teams are ready to discuss your growth goals - chat to us today.

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