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Neutrogena debunks skincare myths

The power of TikTok helps Neutrogena reach the South African Gen-Z market promoting their Science-based Skincare range and increased brand love by 44%.


Wanting to win over the South African Gen-Z audience, Neutrogena ® used science-backed insight to debunk skincare myths and to boost brand love and purchase intent through TikTok.


Neutrogena ®  took to TikTok to debunk common skincare myths with a science-based approach.

To achieve these goals,  Neutrogena ® used native looking In-feed ads to create mass awareness, drive purchase intent, and grow brand loyalty among Gen-Z audiences.


As a result of using Tiktok, Neutrogena was able to increase brand love by 44%. They also saw a lift of 43% in users likely to recommend their products, as well as a lift of 37% intending to buy their products.


The campaign was able to raise brand salience and had a positive impact on the Brand’s short and long-term metrics. 


Moreover, they strengthened their brand perceptions on all fronts, including being an expert in face care, offering a wide range of products, and understanding consumer needs.


Lift in Brand Love


Lift in Recommendation


Lift in Purchase Intent

Data provided by Ipsos | Brand Lift for TikTok
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