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5 Predictions for Advertising in 2024: AI, Retail Media, & More

2024: a year poised to redefine advertising. As we embark on this new journey, the advertising landscape stands ready for another significant shift. Consumer behavior, market trends, and technological advances, like the fading third-party cookie, will continue to reshape our world, presenting both challenges and opportunities. Marketers must embrace flexibility and navigate this uncertainty to achieve business growth.

To shed light on what lies ahead, Criteo has gathered insights and foresights from several of Criteo’s experts on some of advertising’s most pressing topics. Their observations and predictions paint a picture of what the advertising landscape might look like in the upcoming year.

2024 promises to be a game-changer for advertising, with exciting trends like:

1. First-party data takes centre stage: With third-party cookies fading, marketers will focus on building robust first-party data strategies to personalise experiences and drive performance.

2. AI revolutionises personalisation: Expect hyper-personalised campaigns through generative AI, AI-powered bidding, and deeper performance optimisation fuelled by advanced models.

3. SKU data unlocks granular insights: Performance marketers will leverage granular SKU data for precise campaign optimisation, tailoring strategies based on individual product performance.

4. Retail media networks mature: Standardised retail media networks will gain traction, offering brands new opportunities and amplifying their impact on the advertising landscape.

5. Physical and digital worlds converge: Expect seamless omnichannel experiences, with digital displays in stores offering personalised messaging and enhancing brand partnerships.

Ready for a bold new year in advertising? Join 365 Digital Criteo as we navigate this dynamic landscape and unlock the full potential of Commerce Media in 2024!

Source Criteo Blog. Read the full article here


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